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Power & Revolution
Upgrade from Masters of the World

Plateform: MACOSX 10.7 or higher

The new version of the best geopolitical simulator with the possibility of playing as a legal or illegal opposition!

IMPORTANT : This upgrade only runs for owners of a valid and activated activation code, or a Steam version, of Masters of the World.

Power & Revolution MACOSX 
€ 37.50
Extended Download Service
€ 3.95

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● With Power & Revolution, the fourth generation of Geopolitical Simulator, choose your political party or your illegal organization and attempt to take power by force, revolution, diplomacy or democratic election!

Play as a democratic opposition:
at the head of a political party (or several) selected from all actual parties in the world, players can attempt to take power by winning elections or by destabilizing the current power to have it removed. Your action possibilities are great: manage the party's budget, research and finance, take a stance on government bills, be critical in the press or on television, launch protests, strikes, sit-ins, popular uprisings... lobbying with interest groups and syndicates, political promises, investigations, reach out to influential figures, launch funding campaigns, create violent cells, lean towards unlawfulness...

Play as an illegal opposition:
at the head of an organization (or several) considered terrorists on their own soil, players try to take power by force, to normalize, or to obtain independence from controlled regions. Your action possibilities are great: recruitment operations, hire professional mercenaries, purchase weapons on the black market, agreements with countries, sister political parties or other terrorist organizations in order to receive financing, fighters or war equipment, request UN interventions via friendly nations, infiltrate power circles by coup attempts or political assassinations, secure networks against enemy secret services, launch peaceful protests, trigger insurrections through political manipulation, start civil wars, command and direct armed rebels...

Realistic simulation of current conflicts
in the world with a world map integrating conflict areas with the finest details: front lines, occupied territories, besieged cities, locations of military units, international military bases, personnel and equipment of terrorist groups...

Civil and military wargames in the cities:
players can mobilize dissenting groups and paramilitary armies, or police and military forces depending on play as opposition leader or head of state. Confrontations in the cities are simulated with the finest details: maps of cities with their major buildings, squares and intersections (with specific maps of major capitals), tons of elements can be manipulated by players (protesters, hooligans with Molotov cocktails, armed extremists, rocket launchers, police brigades with clubs and tear gas grenades, police vans, helicopters, snipers, armoured vehicles...), set up barricades, play out scenarios of taking over a building (presidential residence, parliament, television studio, headquarters...), loot the banks or museums, strategic decisions (televised actions, army deployment, orders to fire at will, bombardment, dispersal...), contextual reactions of the people (first civilian casualties, television appearances, ordered to fire or bombardment, release of prisoners)...

Detailed elections campaign:
whether it's an opposition leader or a head of state putting forth their mandate, players can actively participate in the elections campaign. Very thorough campaign simulation: manage the budget, find funding, strategic reservation of meeting places, design an election platform, simulation of televised debates, detailed map of polls and results by region...

Playable scenarios
More than twenty scenarios are integrated in the game, such as "War in Iraq and Syria", "Revolutions! ", "Separatism", "Mess in Ukraine", "Libyan Chaos", "Terror in Nigeria", "Yemeni Puzzle", "Threats in Somalia", "American commitment against climate change", "2016 US Elections", "Presidential Marriage"...

New interface and functions
-New redesigned and optimized interface
-Acceleration of simulation calculations with use of multithreading
-In-depth simulation of unemployment
-Ability to divorce or marry
-Evaluation, development and regulation of shale oil and gas
-Management of rare earths
-Integration of reconnaissance and combat drones
-Management of war debts
-Management of missiles and rockets
-Specific interface for multiple screens and 4K screens
-And new legislations, new characters, new organizations, new administrative regions…
-Game play as single-player with a multi-country mode allowing the player to play as several countries simultaneously (a game mode on the multi-player network will be incorporated in the Global War add-on)

Link to details of new features : here

Breaking news
Control individual units during urban riots
City maps and strategic view of clashes
Legal opposition simulation
Wargame phase in the cities
Play current conflicts
New legislations
Media appearances
Home menu

We recommend the following minimum configuration

MACOSX 10.7 or higher ● 2 GHz Processor ● 4 Gb RAM ● 4 Gb Hard Drive Space MACOSX 10.7 or higher