Artigos sobre diferentes versões do Geo-Polítical Simulator



O jogo tem um procedimento de atualização totalmente automatizado.

Se você estiver conectado à internet cada vez que você iniciar o programa, o programa procura automaticamente por essas atualizações. Após a confirmação, as atualizações são então baixadas e instaladas.

Current Version : 6.32

Patch notes: 6.32

  • -Modding Tool: addition of a downloadable mod that simulates the new French government with all its ministers and the new national parliament following the legislative election of June 2017
    -Modding Tool: addition of the possibility to modify the ministers of a country from Edit nation // Nation
    -Modding Tool: taking into account all modifications of a mod created and re-edited
    -Modding Tool: correction on the sum of the constructions of the countries during an annexation created in a mod
    -Modding Tool: Assigning a Budget to a political party created in a Mod
    -Adjustment on the calculation of the birth rate of a new country which has gained independence
    -Possibility to play the Independent and Green opposition groups in the USA and to participate in the elections
    -Correction on voting of laws in the US Senate
    -Map of bombing of fighters and missile launchers on a city that has no open battle
    -Correction on the revelation of a political party scandal
    -Adjustment of long-term population change according to migration rate
    -Adjustments on the calculation of lending countries
    -Correction on the evacuation of refugees after a disaster in a region
    -Update for Switzerland of electoral dates and results, the duration of the parliamentary term, the constitution of the Parliament and the chancellor who becomes the playable head of state
    -Correction of the character played in the scenario 'Opposition to power' for France
    -Date of mid-term elections in the US
    -Correction on aid in conflicts when participating in city battles on an allied territory
    -Correction on the number of soldiers after an annexation of very large countries
    -Adjustment on the calculation of electoral results of the Italian Senate
    -Correction of the electoral map by region displayed according to the statistics mode after a poll sponsored by the player
    -Various corrections
    -Mac version specific: correction of a random crashe when playing in beginner level.
    • Patch notes: 6.30

      • Specific updates for the 2017 Edition Add-on
        - Using real % of the candidates in the French presidential election 2017 (% updated regularly according to the new polls)
        -Repositioning French and American aircraft carriers
        -Assigning detailed Losses of popularity for AI Head of State when playing opponent

        Specific updates for the God'n'Spy add-on
        -Units addition of helicopters, submarines, aircraft, etc. for some countries formerly blocked
        -Adding possibility of using the God'n'Spy on a region self-determination referendum

        Specific updates for the Modding Tool add-on
        -Possibility to play illegal groups created with the modding tool
        -Correction on the High Speed Train creation
        -Corrections on the military units's modification and appointment
        -Adding the religious tendency in the game for created religious parties
        -Correction on changing the type of government and ruling party

        Power & Revolution Game Updates
        -Modification and balancing of the calculation algorithm for the electoral results towards more realism (taking into account the historical score)
        -Update of the electoral map after the elections
        -Stabilization of post-independence growth for certain independent regions
        -Triggering a peace treaty at the time of the capture of a capital without a declaration of war
        -Correcting tooltips on military units in advanced interface
        -Updating retirement age for selected countries
        -Player's AI functional in city battles
        -New nuclear submarine upgrades
        -Defense AI for small countries facing big countries attack
        -Commandos landing improvements in city battles
        -Correction on military research
        -Resistance of the bunker after atomic explosion
        -Religions chart adjustment and correction on the religions shares evolution
        -Improvement in the evolution of life expectancy
        -Improvement on the Suez and Panama channels crossing agreements
        -Correction on military contracts made with oneself
        -Balancing the player's popularity points when he passes from head of state to opponent
        -Defensive AI in attacks from illegal groups in conflicts at Hostility level
        -Adding the possibility of looting on damaged buildings
        -Corrections on promises held after election
        -Closing ceremony for the Winter Olympics
        -Various Corrections
        • Patch notes: 6.24

          • -various corrections for the modding tool
          • -possibility to reload 6.20 saved games.
            • Patch notes: 6.23

              • -Adjustment of available labor for building
              • -Improved algorithm for refugees return after annexation
              • -Memorized display information on military sites after drone overflight
              • -Added permission for any city attack by an illegal group without army (not only for attacking the capital), for specific small countries
              • -Updated figures of national production in economic contracts of onshore wind farms after construction
              • -Display of regional polls results during primary election
              • -Taking Into account the divorce em for display of the husband / wife
              • -Added group members to form a government during the takeover of an illegal group
              • -Fixed appointment and naming of the new pope
              • -Increased to 10% of the initial maximum threshold of the allowance for job seekers for countries having not yet such allowance
              • -Fxiing double TV spot after rebel revolution victory
              • -Added annexed countries for regional election candidates
              • -Adjustement of Parliament seats during law votes when a political party controled by player is becoming illegal
              • -Adjustment of diplomatic relations between the Middle East countries
              • -Added a Russian military base in Tajikistan
              • -Update of illegal organizations in India
              • -Update of the population of Guyana
              • -Adjustment of the political tendancy of the main opposition party of Turkey
              • -Erasing a duplicated city in Georgia (Tskhinvali)
              • -Erasing a duplicated city in Somalia (Galkayo)
              • -Update of the housing allowance in France
              • -New name for the French region Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes
              • -Added Chinese and Japanese currencies in the list of currencies proposed in game parameters
              • -Modification of the size of subtitles during appointments in Russian language
              • -Modding Tool menu small rearrangement
              • -Modding Tool correction of creating scandals
              • -Modding Tool: change in the calculation of the national figures during annexations / independence
              • -Modding Tool: the ability to add nationalization / denationalization to all sectors simultaneously
              • -Modding Tool: various bug when editing / deletion / creation of political parties and terrorist groups
              • -Modding Tool: taking account of the flags reset modified a mod after loading a save
              • -Modding Tool: changes in the distribution of religions under certain conditions
              • -Modding Tool correction on random disappearance of some military bases in a mod
              • -Modding Tool: automatic modification options of laws in a democracy or conversely a hardening of the regime
              • -Modding Tool: adjustments for countries with extremely high population
              • -Modding Tool correction of the suppression of trade unions and sects

              • Many thanks to the community and the beta testers for their help in improving the game.